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Thoughts on a recent report about Quebec’s history textbooks

I came across this article just yesterday and the timing couldn’t have been better. The article in question: “Quebec’s high school history books should be taken out of classrooms, independent review says“. A colleague and I have just recently submitted a paper proposal to the Canadian Society for the Study of Education that will provide ...

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3 Articles to Share

After a long hiatus, I’d like to share with you three articles that I found interesting and fascinating on religion, atheism, conflict and pluralism. Please follow and like us:

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John Dewey, “Democracy and Education”

In my second entry for the series On Education, I focused on Dewey’s Democracy and Education, a work that I am sure many educationalists would enjoy. Included here is the text with my personal annotations. Dewey, Democracy and Education (AF) w: notes Please follow and like us: