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Yes, I do work here

A post on some of the work I have been doing at the Aga Khan University – Institute for Educational Development during my posting. Please follow and like us:

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A Guide to Dar

An outsider’s take on all the things that Dar has to offer. From food to beaches, this is not a bad place to be! Please follow and like us:

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50 years from now…

Dar is  booming  but what will the future have in store for this city? What gets “lost” in development? Please follow and like us:

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Kariakoo, a district in Dar, also happens to have one of the largest markets in the city where all sorts of wares are sold. It is a bustling and vibrant market with food vendors vying for your patronage and hawkers trying to convince you that you need a new belt or sandals or kitchen utensils. ...