A simple challenge. Fill up your passport before it expires. #welltravelled.

I’ve always admired people who are well travelled. I think it’s a huge accomplishment to be able to fill up a passport before the expiry date. I’ve met few people who’ve accomplished this. My wife was the first I’d known, asides from my uncle who had a second passport stapled to his constantly. Coming to TZ, I’ve met more and more people who’ve accomplished this feat. My passport was issued a few years ago. I have another 3 on it. I’m hoping that this is the one! I have travelled throughout Europe but I had the privilege of traveling on my Belgian passport. I still have a few pages in this one but with an impending trip to Morocco in a few months and a planned trip to Uganda, my father’s place of birth, I think I have a good chance! #passportchallenge  #welltravelled

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