Slides presented at the International Journal of Arts and Sciences conference at Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada.

Co-written with my colleague Arzina Zaver and presented by me at the International Journals of Arts and Sciences annual meeting at Ryerson University, our presentation focused on the importance of developing new curriculums that promote the deepening understanding of the multi-cultural and multi-faith environment of our changing societies. We argue that as Canada’s demographic makeup changes, curriculums will need to be developed that help promote an understanding of what this change will mean for our society. Using Quebec as a case study (pre-2008), we suggest that not providing an education about the religious and cultural diversity can lead to tensions as exemplified by the Reasonable Accommodations debate. We also suggest that once such curriculums are introduced (post-2008), the benefits of these curriculums often take time to become apparent. The example of Canada is also applicable to other fast evolving countries including Germany, Australia, the US and France.

Our Thesis

In order to alleviate rampant ignorance about the religiosu and cultural traditions of others, we must provide an education about the value and importance of pluralism.

Slides: Int’l Journal of Arts and Science, Reyerson University (2014)

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