A copy of the publication I worked on for the Aga Khan University – Institute for Educational Development, East Africa

Below is an e-version of the publication in which findings of my impact research analysis were shared with the AKU-IED’s various partners, stakeholders, donors and students.

The opportunity to work with the AKU-IED was an enlightening one and provided me with a lot of perspective on the challenges that non-profit universities like the Aga Khan University undergo as they secure budgets and funding to provide world class education in developing nations without compromising on quality, inclusion and impact.

My involvement in this project included the formulation of a project proposal, a literature review around the assessment of impact, carrying out interviews with graduates from several countries, transcribing interviews, creating early working drafts of our findings, staying in communication with and soliciting feedback from the Director of the AKU-IED as well as the Head of Marketing, and finally working on typesetting for the final publication.

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Alim Fakirani