A generation removed, I find myself back to my ancestral roots in East Africa.

When I found out that my posting would take me to Dar, I was elated! My parents have roots in this part of the world, my mom being from the Congo and my dad from Uganda. My wife was born in neighbouring Kenya. Only recently, I found out from my maternal grandmother (my nanima) that my grandfather was actually born in Dar. I’ve always had this sense of attachment to EA as generations of my family were born in this part of the world. Being here for me is as much a journey of self discovery, of my roots, my ancestry and my heritage, as it is a chance for me to give back to this community. It goes without saying that EA has undergone tremendous change in its Post-Colonial history. Things are changing. Where that change takes these communities is yet to be seen. One thing is certain, there is a great sense of hope here.

I’m looking forward to this journey, both the literal one over the course of 8 months and the figurative one.

Lala Salama! (Good night!)

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