A paper written as part of my M.Teach coursework on an original theory concerning journaling and reflective practice.

It is common practice amongst new teachers to reflect and journal their experiences in the classroom as a way of improving their practice. The importance of reflection cannot be over-stressed. Reflection in all professional spheres allows professionals to think about their practice and to determine efficacy and areas of improvement when/where necessary.

In this paper, I advance an original proposition, meta-reflection, which suggests that it is valuable for teachers to reflect on their past reflections. A common practice is the journaling of classroom-based experiences. Meta-reflection calls upon teachers to think about and reflect on these journals as a way of tracking progress and changes. As teachers read through and analyze their previous reflections, they are able to ascertain their growth as practitioners. Just as importantly, meta-reflection serves as a great evaluative tool in helping teachers determine whether their philosophies behind teaching and learning have changed over time. It also provides an opportunity for teachers to determine whether improvements have been achieved and where change in practice can be beneficial.

Fakirani, Alim – Meta-Reflection [FINAL]

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Alim Fakirani