This paper highlights the  link between the  Alayavijnana and the Tathagatagarbha within Mahayana Buddhist cosmology.

This paper, written in 2006 for a course on Mahayana Buddhism, highlights the ways in which the Alayavijnana allows for the transcendent-act to occur upon realizing Nirvana. A major point of contention and hurdle in this process of reaching pure nirvana has been the effect of the accumulation of karma has on the individual and that even when bad karma is negated with the accumulation of good karma, the stain of bad karma still remains. How then is it possible to transcend one’s existence if the lingering “odour” of bad karma still persists after our passing?

This paper looks at the Alayavijnana, or “store-house consciousness,” as a response to this paradox in Buddhist cosmology. As a graduate of McGill’s Faculty of Religious Studies, I focused primarily on the Hindu and Buddhist traditions. This paper provides an example of my early scholarship starting in my undergraduate degree. This paper received high praise for its originality and for the fluency in which these complex thoughts were presented.

Fakirani, Alim – Alayavijnana and Yogacara Thought (writing sample)

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Alim Fakirani